Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a completely customizable, scalable and easy to use ERP solution that designed for small to mid-sized businesses. This comprehensive system provides a complete solution for manufacturing, distribution, government, retail and other industries.

Simplicity is at the heart of Microsoft Dynamics NAV while its state‐of the‐art functionality covers everything you need to run a successful business. More than two million users have used Microsoft Dynamics NAV to simplify and streamline their highly specialized business processes.

The success of Microsoft Dynamics NAV – and of the businesses that use it – is largely due to the extensive feature set. Rather than making components available for purchase as needed, Microsoft Dynamic NAV offers a complete package that includes financial management, manufacturing management, supply chain management, business intelligence and reporting, sales and marketing, service management, cloud services, workflow management and project management.

It is an ideal for those companies who have been using legacy systems and are ready to switch to a contemporary or have outgrown entry level products and are ready for a complete ERP solution. The system is so intuitive and user friendly that changes to the system can be made without involving IT staff.

To extend the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV even further, consider a NAV Portal that allows your clients, vendors and partners to interface directly with your system.

Why Choose Armour for Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation?

A Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner, Armour Technology Solutions has executed many successful projects using Microsoft Dynamics NAV including integration ecommerce portals, customer statement portals, online purchases and payments, as well as a complete ERP systems.

A contributing factor to our success is our high standard for customer service. We work hard to thoroughly understand the unique business needs of each business and in turn support those needs in every aspect including new solutions, training and 24/7 support.

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