Have you ever wanted to send an email to someone but didn’t want to send it at that exact time? Let’s say, for example, you wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly the solution to that excel problem you were struggling with is right there in front of you. You immediately want to share with your coworker so they can have it in the morning and get working on the next phase of the project, but it’s 3 am and as excited as you are to tell them about your idea, you really don’t want to be that person that is sending emails and waking people up in the middle of the night.

With Microsoft Delivery Delay feature, you CAN compose and send your email at 3 am, but the email won’t be delivered to the recipient until the time you specify. This way, you can go ahead and work out your thoughts, compose your email, send it and have it delivered at a specific time without disturbing anyone’s sleep.

To Delay Delivery on an Email:

  1. Compose your email message as usual.
  2. Under Options, select Delay Delivery.
  3. In the Delivery Options section, select the Do not deliver before checkbox.
  4. Select the earliest time you would like to attempt delivery.
  5. Click Close.

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