One of our goals as technical services provider is to make sure our customers have the opportunity to take advantage of all of the features included in the solutions that we recommend. Microsoft Solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics NAV are powerful solutions that are widely used, yet so many businesses that use these products aren’t using them to their full potential. We understand that it takes time to get comfortable with new software and that there is not always time to explore and discover all that your software has to offer.

So, to help you make the most of your solution, we will be posting a series of articles that will help to uncover some of the features that might be hiding in your software solution. The focus of this article will be Marketing Lists, a feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This may be a feature that you’ve seen in your CRM system, but haven’t explored or if you’re using Marketing Lists already, this article will hopefully provide some more insight.

What are Marketing Lists?

Marketing Lists is a feature that allows you to group of accounts, leads or contacts in CRM. You can create these lists to help you target specific groups when executing your marketing campaigns. For example, you may want to have a marketing list based on region, products or services used, or event. Marketing Lists are completely customizable so you can create lists that make sense for your specific business.

Here are some ways you might use a Marketing List in CRM:

  • To send emails or newsletters to a specific group of customers or leads.
  • To include a specific group of customers or leads
    in a specific campaign. For example, you may have a Marketing List of people who have cancelled their membership to your fitness centre and you have created a campaign that focuses on having them reactivate their membership.
  • To create Quick Campaigns for a specific group – such as a phone call or visit with everyone in the group.

Dynamic and Static Marketing Lists

When creating Marketing Lists, you have the option to create static or dynamic lists. A static list is a list that can only be modified manually. This means you need to physically go in to the Marketing List in CRM and make any necessary changes to the list. However, with dynamic lists, you can save yourself some time as the list will be automatically updated as leads, accounts and contacts are added, modified and removed based on different predefined criteria.

For example, you could configure a Marketing List to automatically add new leads to it if they are from Halifax or if they have purchased a specific product in the last six months. This feature is great as it means you no longer have to think about and decide which list a new contact, lead or account should to be added to – CRM takes care of this for you. In addition, if something about the contact, lead or account changes and no longer meets the Marketing Lists criteria (Say, the person no longer lives in Halifax) they will automatically be removed from the list.

Campaign and Marketing Lists

We know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to access information and perform tasks from where ever you are in the system. For example, when viewing reports or entities such as cases, contact, accounts, team members etc., you can click on the information and explore further or perform tasks such as adding information, creating a service activity or running a report. With regards to Marketing Lists, you can attach a campaign to the marketing list so that the campaign will use the Marketing List when it’s being executed or you can create or a Quick campaign directly from within the Marketing List page.

The Quick Campaign is a useful tool if you want to make a quick connection with all customers in the list – this could be a phone call to let them know about an upcoming promotion, or an email to wish them a happy new year. This is a great tool for managers to use as when the Quick Campaign is created and assigned, an email is sent to the Owner of the account letting them know about the new task.

CRM is a great tool to help you organize and execute your marketing initiatives. By using features such as Marketing lists, you can leverage the potential of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. We are here to help if you have any questions about CRM Marketing Lists or any other features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Also! If there are any specific features that you would like to know more about, please let me know! If you’re wondering about something, chances are that someone else it too! You can email me at with your suggestions or questions.