People have been capturing information using online forms for a long time now. We see them on web sites as contact forms, event registration, customer feedback forms, surveys and more.

Forms offer a great way to collect information from existing and potential clients. They are convenient and allow you to capture the exact information that you need. Most of the time, the information that people provide us is sent to a designated person’s email.

Then, once this information is received – either from say, a contact form or survey for example, it then needs to be manually entered (or copy and pasted) into your CRM or in some cases a spreadsheet.

This manual entry can take time away from other more important tasks and that’s where ClickDimensions comes in. Read on to learn more…

Feed form information directly into CRM with ClickDimensions

We’ve recently started using ClickDimensions. ClickDimensions was developed to be used exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and what is its purpose? To provide methods of gathering information and feeding it all into CRM for you so that you can prioritize, create tasks and make informative decisions about sales, marketing, leads and most importantly, your customers.

Let’s say for example, a customer visits your web site and is excited to see the amazing products or services you have to offer. They have a question, so they and fill out the convenient contact form, click submit and wait for someone from your team to get in touch shortly, just as your web site has promised.

Traditionally, that potential customer’s information is then emailed to a member of your team – let’s say that you have decided when a form is submitted on your company web site, the information is emailed to one of your salespeople, Jason. When Jason receives the email, he can follow up with the contact and add the client’s information to their CRM.

Thanks to your handy web site form, you now have a new relationship with a potential customer. Fantastic! However, when you use ClickDimensions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, all of the contact’s info is automatically entered as a new contact or lead (depending on your preference) in your CRM database.

In addition, this new entry into CRM can initiate a workflow that can create a new task for Jason to reply to the contact, helping him to stay organized and accountable.

What about existing customers that complete a form? ClickDimensions will recognize the customer’s email address and add the new information to the customer’s record.

Now let’s think beyond contact forms.

ClickDimensions has the ability to capture all types of information – the possibilities are endless and you can create any type of form you need with ClickDimensions’ drag and drop editor. (And for web developers, a Freestyle editor is available as well.)

Have you ever used any other type of form? Maybe a subscription to your newsletter or a customer feedback form? How do you normally process that information? Do you enter it into Excel and build your own reports?

Take for example the customer feedback form – instead of manually entering or copying and pasting results into a spreadhseet, ClickDimensions will sync the information with the customer record and provide dynamic reporting so that you can get a clear picture of the survey results instantly!

And don’t forget about workflows! With a workflow in place, ClickDimensions can automatically send a Thank-you email to the client. OR…..instead of an automated e-mail, your workflow can assign a task to a specific person to follow up with the customer with a phone call to say thank you and discuss the products that they selected that they were interested in.

Forms beyond email and web sites!

Of course, we tend to think of forms as strictly web forms, but we can use ClickDimensions forms to collect info at events too! Consider using a tablet to capture registration at an event, or customer interests at a trade show. New contact information is entered right into CRM for easy tracking and followup!

The web form component is just one of many in the rich ClickDimensions feature set. Additional activities that can be automatically tracked in CRM include email marketing, text messaging, surveys, reporting, event management, web traffic analytics and social media engagement.

To learn more about ClickDimensions forms or any other ClickDimensions features, contact Armour Technology Solutions!